•    Arranging vehicle repair solutions to non-fault motorists
•    Vehicle Recovery
•    Arrangement of Storage for damage vehicle
•    The arrangement of replacement PCO licenced Vehicle
•    The arrangement of engineer report
•    The arrangement for free repair estimates

A replacement vehicle is provided on credit terms usually referred to as “credit hire” the period of rental will be determined by the time it will take to establish liability, repair your vehicle or upon receipt of a final settlement in the event that your vehicle is “written off”.

The replacement vehicle provided will be a like for like or of a similar status to your damaged vehicle.

Hire Solutionz supply car hire to motorists on credit and pursue recovery from the negligent third party and their insurers. The main element of our service is the provision of a replacement vehicle (credit hire). Any claim for car-hire charges can only be made against the “at fault” party in a non-fault accident where:

•    The claimants car is damaged and not road worthy
•    The claim is made by the person who suffered the loss
•    A replacement car is needed
•    You have lost the use of your only vehicle.
•    You are not in a situation to repair the vehicle until you receive payment from the insurance company.
•    You cannot afford to rent a hire vehicle yourself.

When hiring an accident replacement vehicle on credit hire, the client will be asked to sign a credit hire agreement, which sets out the terms of hire, the charges and the period of credit.
Hire Solutionz has a fleet of PCO licensed vehicles to meet the needs of taxi drivers involved in non-fault road traffic accidents.