Do you have some more questions that need answering? Well here are some more common questions you want to learn the answer to:

Q: Do you deliver the vehicle?
 A: Yes, we will deliver the vehicle to wherever is convenient for the client within a matter of hours.

Q: Will the client have to be at the place of delivery? 
A: Yes, the client needs to sign the paperwork for the hire vehicle.

Q: What cars do you have?
 A: All types, including standard, prestige, commercial, and specialist models.

Q: How long can the client have the vehicle for? 
A: We will provide the replacement vehicle up to completion of repairs as long as there are no significant delays to the repairs. If the vehicle is written off then we will collect the hire vehicle when the client has received payment from the insurer.

Q: Who pays for the cost of the hire vehicle?
 A: The cost of hire is recovered from the ‘at fault’ party’s insurer on the client’s behalf.

Q: What happens if the client can’t get to the body shop on the day repairs are completed?
 A: We would normally expect the vehicle to be collected on the day of completion of repair, but if there are circumstances where the client is unable to do this we will try our best to accommodate the client’s requirements.